What are offerings?
Whatever you have for sale, or – another way of putting it – what you are going to provide to the community of traders in LETS so that you may have access to what they are providing.

Can I offer both goods and services?
Yes, you can offer goods as well as services. You can offer anything that other traders will buy, the same as if you were trading in the conventional economy!

I have nothing to offer!
This is a very common first reaction! Registering with LETS will help you realise that you do have things to offer and that you can be useful to others. Whether you are skilled or not, your time, energy or resources will be of value to someone.  Start by asking yourself what you really enjoy doing, or sit down with a friend and tell each other what you are good at.

Take a look at the Inspiration List. You will probably surprise yourself when you begin to think about it!

How do I price my offerings?
In exactly the same way as you would price them in the conventional economy, except that the price is in units rather than dollars.  This can be a fixed price or a rate per hour/day etc. 1 dollar is equal in value to 1 unit. If you can’t think of a price then put ‘Negotiable’ or ‘Various’ or ‘Contact me’.

Can I quote prices in cash?
No, not on their own but you may include a cash component. Many traders quote LETS units for the labour and cash for parts or materials. LETS-units-only offerings are preferred and you might find it difficult to sell your wares or services if you quote a cash component. Many traders feel uneasy about asking for payment in LETS units when they have had to lay out cash. But remember, you get that cash back by having more LETS units to spend on things that you would normally pay cash for. The more you get involved in LETS the more comfortable you will feel about being paid in LETS units even when you have spent cash.

How many offerings/wants can I have? 
The registration form only has space for three offerings and three wants but when you get your account details you can add as many more as you like. You can also put the same offering/want under different categories.

How do I describe my offerings? 
Use a terse, descriptive offering title that makes it immediately clear to others what you are offering. In the Details field you can use as many words as you like to describe your offering. Think of your offerings as your personal advertisements. If your description is poor, people will skip over your offering and choose someone else with a better description. Convince us why your goods and services are the best, why you are the best person to receive them from and why we cannot live without what you have to offer! If you are selling goods describe it/them in detail; if you are offering a service tell us something about your experience and what we will gain from having you provide it.

Can I change my existing offerings/wants and delete old ones?
Yes. Your offerings and wants are fully editable. You can change the title, the description, the price and keywords that help others search for your offerings. You can also delete your offerings if they are no longer relevant.

How long do my offerings/wants last for?
You can determine how long your offerings and wants will display for. You can select anything from one week to one year, which is the longest an offering or want will remain on the Offerings/Wants List without modification. You can also continuously update your offerings and wants so that they remain on the list forever. Updating also ‘refreshes’ your offeringsand wants bringing them to the top of the list where most people will see them.

Can I have pictures of my offerings/wants? 

Yes. When you access your account you can add additional offerings and wants and upload pictures at the same time. Pictures can replace many words and draw attention to your listings.

Can I trade with other LETS Groups?
Yes, Once you register with Adelaide LETS you have access to trade with many other community exchanges operating around the world, interstate and in other Adelaide locations.

What is the cost to join?
There is no cost in Dollars to register; all that is required is your commitment to give back to the community what you take from it. You will be provided with your own online ‘bank account’ and access to a CES, an online marketplace of many useful goods and services.